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A gripe


Sometimes, I really hate people. >_<

A couple years ago, my good friend Tsumi referred to Koyasu-san as a "walking aphrodisiac." I told her "I like that! Mind if I use it on my site?" She said "go ahead", and it's been on every incarnation.
Well, not long ago, I was doing some web surfing, and I came across a random seiyuu shrine. Some dumb hoe stole the term "walking aphrodisiac" from us, and never even bothered to give us credit for it! To make matters worse, everything on her site was copied and pasted/ ripped off from other sites. That really pisses me off. If you have nothing original to say, don't waste the webspace. Damn cyber vulture! >_<

If you are the offending party and have read this, I hope you took the not so subtle hint.